19-11-2018 Circular-19Nov18-UGC-Affiliated Colleges-Furnish the statistical information regarding implementation of Reservation Policy

17-11-2018 PG Exams - M.Tech I Semester Examination Notification

17-11-2018 PG - Revised Examination Jumbling Centres for MBA & MCA I Semester

17-11-2018 Sports Circular -14 Inter Collegiate Tournament - 2018- 19

17-11-2018 Ball Badminton (Men) Preponed to 22nd and 23rd November-2018

17-11-2018 Circular-17Nov18-Affiliated Education Colleges(UG)-Submission of 1st year students, staff details & payment of UDF for No dues of 2018-19

16-11-2018 UG Professional Courses(B.Ed,B.P.Ed,D.P.Ed) III Semester Examination Time Table

16-11-2018 B.A(LLB) V Semester Family Law Subject Re-Examination Scheduled on 19-11-2018

15-11-2018 Sports - Selected Players List(Athletic(Men & Women),Badminton(Men),Basketball(Men),weightlifting & Bestphysique(Men),Hocey (men),volleyball(Men))

12-11-2018 Circular-12Nov18-JnanaBhumi 2018-19-Pending OTA's at college login and student one time bio metric authentication - request to complete the tasks on or before 15Nov18 without fail

12-11-2018 Remainder - Reshuffled papers in B.Com(Computer Applications) w.e.f 2017-18 Admitted Batch

09-11-2018 Sports Circular-13 - Inter Collegiate cum University team Selections 2018-19

08-11-2018UG(Claasic Scheme) Supplementry Examination - Results

05-11-2018 UG - B.A LLb V semester Examination Jumbling Centers List

01-11-2018 Circular-01Nov18-JnanaBhumi 2018-19-Pending OTA's at college login and student one time bio metric authentication - request to complete the tasks on or before 05Nov18 without fail

01-11-2018 Academic Calendar(2018-19) for LAW(3 Yrs LLB/5 Yrs B.A LLB) I & II Semesters

01-11-2018 Circular-01Nov18-All Affiliated Colleges-Appeal for enrolling of all eligible students as voters for General Elections 2019

31-10-2018 Athletics (Men & Women) Postponed to 5th & 6th November-2018

31-10-2018 Gymnastics (Men & Women) Preponed to 3rd November-2018

31-10-2018 PG Examination - II Semester Revaluation Results

30-10-2018 UG - B.Tech I Semester(Regular & Backlog) Time Table

29-10-2018 Academic Calendar(2018-19) for LAW(3 Yrs LLB/5 Yrs B.A LLB) III & IV Semesters

29-10-2018 UG - B.A LLb and LLB V semester Examination Time Table

26-10-2018 Circular-26Oct18-APSCHE-All Affiliated Colleges-Students enrollment for IRCS,APSB presentation of awards for JRC/YRC activities.

25-10-2018 Admission into 3 Months Yoga Certificate Course ( Part Time) for academic year - 2018-19

25-10-2018 UG CBCS Professional courses(B.Ed, B.P.Ed and D.P.Ed) II Semester(Regular & Backlog))- Results

25-10-2018 B.Ed, B.P.Ed & D.P.Ed Ratification Schedule

24-10-2018 Revised Time Table for BBA V Semester

23-10-2018 UG CBCS I,III,V Semesters Scribe List-2

23-10-2018 APSCHE Ph.D. Regulations w.e. from 2018-19

23-10-2018 Deposit Centers List for UG CBCS I,III,V Semesters

22-10-2018 Updated Scribe List for UG CBCS I,III,V Semesters

22-10-2018 Sports Circular-11 - Inter Collegiate cum University team Selections 2018-19

22-10-2018 PG- Submission of Consolidated Semester Attendance Particulars for Odd Semesters

22-10-2018 Circular-22Oct18-Affiliated UG Colleges-Submission of certain instructions strictly in every academic year to the University

20-10-2018 Sports Circular-10 - Inter Collegiate cum University team Selections 2018-19

16-10-2018 Circular-16Oct18-W.G Affiliated Colleges-CM's Jnanabheri Program on 23Oct18 at 10:00AM in ANUR,PG Center , Tadepalligudem

16-10-2018 Circular-16Oct18-Eluru Affiliated Colleges-CM's Jnanabheri Program on 19Oct18 at 3:30PM in Sir CR Reddy College(A), Eluru

16-10-2018 B.Tech III & V Semester Examination Time Table

13-10-2018 UG CBCS I,III,V Semesters Jumbling Centers List - East & West

12-10-2018 PG - MBA, MBA(T&H),MCA & MPEd I Semester-End-Examinations Time-Table

12-10-2018 Circular-11Oct18-All Affiliated UG Colleges-Course of B.Com(Computers)/B.Com(Vocational) confirmed as common name/nomenclature as B.Com(Computer Applications)

12-10-2018 UG - Revised Time Table for III Semester(Regular & Backlog), V Semester(Regular)

11-10-2018 PG Instant Examination Results

10-10-2018 Examination Application for B.Tech I Semester

09-10-2018 Circular-8Oct18-All Affiliated Colleges- East & West Godavari Graduates Constituency-Electoral Registration Process

08-10-2018 Revised Academic Calendar(2018-19) for UG CBCS Courses for All Semesters

08-10-2018 Circular-08Oct18-MBA/MCA - Schedule for submission of 1st Sem - Student,Staff Data and Payment of Student Fee

06-10-2018 Circular-06Oct18-APSCHE-All affiliated Colleges-Implementation of reservations and providing barrier free environment features for persons with disabilities

06-10-2018 Sports Circular-9 - Inter Collegiate cum University team Selections 2018-19

06-10-2018 Sports Circular-8 Chess(M) Team Selection Trails Postponed

06-10-2018 Kho - Kho(Women) Selected Players List

06-10-2018 Cross Country Selected Players List

05-10-2018 Circular-05Oct18-APSCHE-All Affiliated Colleges-Last date(07.10.2018) for submission of Jnanabhumi Monthly attendance of students

05-10-2018 Circular - PG Examination Odd Semester MID Marks Last Date

05-10-2018 MBA & MCA Ratification Schedule

04-10-2018 PG - MBA/MBA(T&H)/MCA/M.PEd. I Semester Examination Notification

03-10-2018 PG - Odd(I,II,V) Semesters Examination Time-Table- Revised