LMS - B.Sc VIth Semester

S.No Name of the subjects Paper Title YouTube playlist links
1. Botony Plant Tissue Culture & its Bio-Technological Applications
Cluster 1-Plant Diversity and Human Welfare
Cluster 2-Ethno Botony & Medicinal Botony
Cluster 3-Pharmacognosy & Phyto Chemistry
2. Chemistry Analytical Methods in Chemistry
Cluster 1-Polymer Chemistry
Cluster 2 - Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Cluster 3-Analysis of Drugs,Foods,Dairy Products& Biochemical Analysis
3. Computers Web Technologies
Cluster - Cloud Computing
Cluster - Distributed Systems
4. Electronics Micro Controller and interfacing
Cluster 1-Embedded Systems Design
Cluster 2-Analog and Digital Communication
Cluster 3-Power Electronics
5. Fisheries Fish Health Management
Cluster 1 - Ornamental Fishery
Cluster 2 - Post Harvest Technology
6. Mathmatics Numerical Analysis
Cluster 1 - Advanced Numerical Analysis
Cluster 2 - Special Functions
7. Physics Renewable Energy
Cluster 1-Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Aspects
Cluster 2-Wind Hydro and Ocean Thermal Energies
Cluster 3- Energy Storage Devies
8. Statistics Optimization Techniques
Cluster 1- Operations Research 1
Cluster 2- Operations Research 2
9. Zoology Immunology
Cluster 1-Principles of Aquaculture
Cluster 2-Aquaculture Management
Cluster 3-Post Harvesting Technology