• Name : Prof. S. Prasanthi Sri
  • Designation : Principal
  • Phone : 9121002926
  • Email : principal.kkd@aknu.edu.in
Principal’s Message:

         It is my privilege to act as a Principal for a Historical College in Kakinada. The Institute was named after Malladi Satyalinga Naicker, a great visionary, land donor and the man behind many lives. The power in the name of the Campus makes me alert and much more responsible to sustain his vision and maintain the fame of this esteemed Institution. I have striking challenges in front to continue to provide the quality education, to fulfil the dreams of Institution, Parents and students, to cater to the needs of the society and to bridge the gap between academia and Industrial traits.

         A stay at MSN campus should be memorable to students as they experience the best period here. In this competitive and humans on par machine world one has to think out of the box to make themselves a valuable being. In extension to the saying of Bharat Ratna awardee, Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon to transform the world”, we can say that who ever acquires the knowledge will transform themselves and also the entire family. Acquiring knowledge is always not from the text books but also from experiences. Sky is the limit for our creative thoughts. Implementation is the hardest choice. It is our firm mind and decisions we opt for drives us to make our thoughts to get implemented.

         A University stands on pillars of administration, staff and students. Effective team work results best outcomes rather than Individual efforts. As we proudly sing in our University song that our Adikavi Nannaya University is “Akshara Devalayam” , Let us all work together stand together stay together to raise the flag of “AKNU MSN Campus Kakinada Akshara Devalayam” high by human beings.


         MSN Campus is incepted with a Visionary and land Donor’s vision to promote and to fulfil the educational needs of the society. MSN Campus moves with a strong determination to impact the environment Through continual Innovation in education, Research and Creativity to produce a complete human being with Knowledge and ethical values.


         Mission of MSN Campus is to Empower a student to be Equipped with a Zeal to learn, Enhance Knowledge and Posses human values through Ground Breaking Research Agendas, Excellent Teaching and Innovative Activities wich makes a Student to think Ingeniously to Take Firm Decisions.