• Name : Prof. N Uday Bhaskar
  • Designation : Asst. Dean
  • Phone : +91 70 93 00 84 76
  • Email : dsa.aknu@gmail.com

According to swami Vivekananda ‘youth is the backbone of a country’. Students strength reflects University strength. The voice of the university is heard through our young and dynamic students. ANUR student affairs division provides various services and resources to nurture the students.

Students affairs division encourages students involvement in diversified activities like youth festival, blood donation, swatch bharath etc. It is also strives for smooth running of the University.

Code of Conduct for Students


• To conduct programmes that enhance students confidence and justified thinking.

• To encourage youth’s efforts for achieving high level of purity in thoughts, words and deed.

• To encourage voluntary discipline in achieving a life - style characterized by simplicity and self-reliance.

• To facilitate the attitude of brotherhood, tolerance and non - violence for personality development and character building.

• Impart moral values to prepare the students for leading a balanced and contented life.

• To facilitate students freedom and protect them from drugs, alchohol, smoking and violence and destructive tendencies.

• To promote students spirit of service and sacrifice by engaging them in community welfare services.


1. Anti ragging activities

2. Counseling to students

3. To develop communication skills

4. To conduct medical and blood donation camps

5. To conduct youth festival etc.


1. Obtained under taking letters from the students and parents at the time of admission.

2. Anti-Ragging committees were formed at various levels in the University as follows:
          I) University level
          II) College level
          III) Department level
          IV) Hostels (Girls and Boys)

3. Anti-Ragging help line numbers were placed in the website and displayed on all notice boards in the campus and hostels.

4. Formed Anti-Ragging squads for sudden visits to Girls hostel, Boys hostel and ragging prone places.

5. Circulated a notice to all class rooms about Anti-Ragging.

6. Displayed banners, which contain Anti-Ragging helpline numbers.

7. Displayed banners regarding punishments to those who are involved in ragging activities.

8. Anti-Ragging complaint boxes have been arranged at Hostels (Boys and Girls) and Class room buildings.

9. Counselors have been appointed for every 6 (or less) students.

10. Anti-Ragging registers are maintained at various places (University, College, Department level and Hostels).

11. Displayed anti-ragging posters in the campus and hostels.

12. Anti-ragging awareness program is organized at Adikavi Nannaya University campus on 21-08-2015. Resource person:Dr.N.V.S. Suryanarayana, HOD, Department of         Education, Andhra University-Vizayanagaram campus.

13. Organized an anti-ragging awareness program on 28-08-2015, addressed by University officers.(Principles of the university colleges, deans and faculty etc.)

14. Notice was sent to all affiliated colleges regarding constitution of various Committees and compliance of UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of Ragging in Higher       Educational Institutions, 2009.